Micro-Refinery Specialists

Micro-Refinery Specialists

Micro-Refinery Specialists

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About Us

Independent Energy Corp. is a privately funded corporation focused on the development of economical, environmentally friendly micro-refineries utilizing proprietary technology and high standards. Our senior management team has nearly 100 years of experience in all facets of upstream oil and gas production, transportation and refining experience including facility conception and design, construction, operation and regulatory compliance. 

Independent Energy is committed to developing projects that bring economical value to the local communities while remaining in strict compliance with all applicable municipal, provincial and federal regulations and industry best practices. Our success is built on the relationships we develop and maintain with all stakeholders throughout our projects. 


Our projects consist of developing micro-refineries within Saskatchewan utilizing locally produced light sweet crude oil feedstock.  Our Facilities encompass a small footprint and are located where we have direct access to existing utilities and infrastructure including rail services, power and natural gas and crude oil.

Our facilities are constructed of modular components built within Canada and range in capacity from 10,000 barrels per day (bpd) up to 50,000 bpd with expansion capabilities based on market demands.  The primary product produced is an ultra-low Sulphur (less than 15 parts per million Sulphur) diesel for the transportation and stationary engine markets across Western Canada. Other by-products produced from the Facility include naphtha and heavier hydrocarbon chain products.

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